MasterCare Drycleaners is a foremost professional garment care company in Nigeria

With over thirteen years of experiential expertise in professional dry cleaning. Our vision and mission statement is reflected in our commitment to quality garment care, emphatic customer care, professional service and expertise; attention to details, timely delivery and continuous improvement. Our computerized state-of-the-art machines and investment we have made ensures that all our utilities function without interruption and are environmentally friendly.

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Our core values are professional service, emphatic customer care and continuous improvement.

A highly reputable laundry and drycleaning company. Accepts payment either by cash or debit / credit card.  The personnel are very courteous, welcoming and customer-friendly.

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I have been with Mastercare since inception--over 10 years now and their consistency and ability to stay competitive over the years is amazing. Excellent services all the time. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Thomas Obaze