The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Rosalía, Gucci Mane, Emily Ratajkowski

If you want an example on how to dress this summer—especially if you’re spending it on a boat—look to the beaming Gucci Mane. This past week, the rapper posed on a deck in a matching print shirt and short set. Of course, he artfully accessorized the look with a medallion hanging from his neck and a wrist full of bracelets that we presume are diamond-laded. The most laid-back luxurious touch was the fact that he went shoeless and only wore socks.

While Gucci Mane was out and about, Emily Ratajkowski seemed to be keeping it relaxed in her abode. The model-actress-designer opted for a sheer pink shirt with pearl buttons and a sheer black bra. Emrata knows her way around an Instagram photo and made this look pop thanks to posing on top of a pink couch. The matching makes the look.

Someone who has truly perfected the summer uniform is the Spanish artist Rosalía. She posed outside on a plant-filled porch in an oversized tie-dye T-shirt with no shorts in sight. To give this casual outfit some va-va-voom appeal, she tied a white jacket around her waist to cinch the silhouette. She opted for a pair of Nike sneakers and socks to bring the look down to earth.


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